New supplier registration

How to register

-Once registered, Supplier can enjoy various functions such as downloading "Procurement Procedure Manual" ,and applying new proposal and product etc. at supplier own page.
-Supplier registration can be done per company including user registration.
-At a new registration, please follow the registration procedure manner below. First registered user is required to be representing user.
-Representing user can register other new users at the suppliers page after login. Also can set the new general user's property such as representing user or general user who can not update company information.

Supplier registration procedure

All of suppliers, who have submited the Confidential Agreement, can join the RFP/RFI, apply for new proposals and products, offer supplier information etc. at your own pages.

1.Download the Cpnfidential Agreement

View "Confidentiality Agreement"  (PDF format)

Download "Confidentiality Agreement" (ZIP format)

Downloaded file is included Confidentiality Agreemnt and questionnaire(Own product introduction/Trading record).
Thank you for your cooperation.

2.Sign and seal the Confidential Agreement, then make the PDF file

*Need to send the original file
*The signer of the Confidential Agreement must be the person responsible for the project. And also company seal or seal for official position is required. For overseas enterprize, even the signature of a person in charge is valid.

3.Make the company brochure to PDF files

4.Check the file size of the Confidential Agreement and company brochure file

There are file size restrictions 750KB for the Confidential Agreement and 4MB for the company brochure and any other files.
*In case the file become more than a prescribed size, zip up the file or send the originals to NTT DOCOMO.

5.Apply for supplier registration

*Please go through the following registration procedure to the last. In case leaving unfinished, a registration is not completed.

5-1. Register your company information

5-2. Upload the Confidential Agreement and the company broshure file

5-3. Register representing user

Please register a first user as a representing person who can manage other account in your company.
After that, NTT DOCOMO will send a confirmation shortly to your registered address.
Access the URL in the mail body and you can find entry form for supplier registration.
Representing user can create or permitt other representing user or general user who can handle designated project only.

6.Complete supplier registration

NTT DOCOMO mail you as a our acceptance in 10 days.

Please post documents uploaded to our site.

ATTN:Procurement and Supply Department
Sanno Park Toewr. 35F Nagata-cho
Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 100-6150, Japan
When you leave the procedure unfinished in"5.Apply for supplier registration", please go back to "5-1." and enter again.Please be sure to have required files(signed and seald the Confidential Agreement & the company broshure) ready beforehand. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

【Purpose for collecting Personal Information;】

The applicant name, company name, address, telephone number, and other Personal Information in the form will be used by DOCOMO for contacting the applicant. DOCOMO does not use Personal Information for purposes other than contacting the applicant and does not disclose Personal Information to third parties without applicant's consent.


If you have the inquiry about supplier registration, please send it from an inquiry form below.The answer will be mailed and NTT DOCOMO ask for your understanding in advance that in some cases it might take several days until the reply.