Acceptance of New Proposals and Products

NTT DOCOMO welcomes competitive and high quality proposals and products from domestic and international suppliers who are interested in participating in our business activities. If you are interested in submitting a new product for review, please fill in the necessary information on the Application Form for New Proposals and Products and submit it via Application for New Proposals and Products below.

Application for New Proposals and Products

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Application Guidelines

Please provide us with detailed information on your proposal. If you have additional information such as company brochure, product specification, price list or presentation material, please attach them to "Application Form" at the bottom of this page. Each file size should be up to 4MB.In case more than one file, zip up them. If you have more than 2 files to submit, please note so in the comments field within the Application Form; we will contact you with an e-mail address.

Notes on the Application Form:

  • (1) Confidential Information
    DOCOMO will not accept any confidential information.
    Please make sure that the submitting materials are NON-CONFIDENTIAL and available to the public.
  • (2) Ideas
    DOCOMO will not evaluate any ideas unless they are patent-protected.
  • (3) Designs
    DOCOMO will not evaluate any handsets designs unless they are registered.
  • (4) Contents
    Services which can be provided with DOCOMO's existing network infrastructure, and mobile contents such as applications, video clips, music are basically not provided by DOCOMO but entrusted to content providers.
    If you wish to become a content provider, see below for more details.
    Information for Developers (a Japanese-language version only)
  • (5) Introducing
    DOCOMO will not accept any request for introducing companies to our relevant department personnels, and proposals which are not accompanied with specific products. We may not reply to those proposals.
  • (6) Communication Equipments
    Guidelines and test specifications are provided and should be applied for communications equipments*. Please refer to the contents below before introducing equipments.
    *Communications equipment refers to switching, transmission, and other equipment used primarily for voice communications and data communications equipment such as routers and servers.
    Procurement Policy
  • (7) Submitted Documents
    Submitted documents cannot be returned.

Purpose for Collecting Personal Information:

Applicant name, company name, address, telephone number, and other personal information in the form will be used by DOCOMO for contacting the applicant. DOCOMO will not use personal information for purposes other than contacting the applicant and will not disclose personal information to third parties without applicant’s consent.


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